In recent months, a number of governmental and economic analysts have referred to the persistence of constant lay offs and unemployment as "The New Normal", in response to this economic shift, it has become necessary for most people to seek out additional employment just to make ends meet. 

However, pursuing a second job doesn't leave much time for life's little enjoyments like family, friends, vacations or just life in general.

​Esprit Group is a State of Colorado Accredited Notary Trainer with years of experience in the entrepreneurial employment field.

Esprit Group, LLC provides live targeted classroom training for entrepreneurial minded people interested in creating an additional revenue source or learning a new skill set to help provide a financial cushion in the event your current income is disrupted, insufficient or nonexistent.

The training classes on this site are designed to present viable options that you may not have considered. A short learning curb helps get you maximize your time and preparation to start earning a full or part-time income immediately.​

If you're unemployed, under employed or wanting to put your entrepreneurial spirit to work, these training classes may be just what you need to help you develop the confidence to create a Full-Time or Part-Time income source that you have control of.

​If you're entrepreneurial minded; been looking for a fresh idea that doesn't require the expense and months or years of educational investment or just need or want to create a second income to return control of your life. You've come to the right site; all you have to do now is make a choice and ACT!

Colorado State Approved Notary Training

New and renewing notaries are required to attend mandatory training.



Create Income as a Mobile Notary

​​Low interest rates, booming housing market creating demand for qualified Notary Signing Agents.


​It's one of the most important things that you can do, but it's also the most overlooked. Esprit Group, LLC can show you a number of options that can improve your income possibilities.

What To Do When You Have More Month Than Money?

Short Term Learning, Long Term Benefit

​Targeted training, ongoing coaching, equals a controllable income.

Increase Your Notary Knowledge

Continuing Notary Education will enhance your notary knowledge. Handle some of the more complicated notary acts.

Become a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer

​Get paid completing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy petitions as prescribed in section 110 of the US bankruptcy code.

State Accredited Notary Educator

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