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Welcome to the premiere training website in the Denver Metro Area. In recent months, a number of national economic analysts have referred to the persistence of high unemployment rates as the “new normal”. In response to this economic shift, it has now become necessary to think beyond Plan A, which you may not have any control over, to a new Plan B; a second source of revenue that can provide a financial cushion in the event your primary source of income is disrupted. These disruptions can have a huge impact on your life style as well as the life style of your family. In this day and age it is a good practice for all individuals to constantly tweak, transform, and be ready to transition into a solid Plan B, in good times or bad. Plan B has become even more important than ever as those that are lucky enough to still have a job are often making less money than before. In 2011; 28 percent of adults reported that they had their hours reduced; 11 percent said they were forced to switch to a part-time job, and 23 percent said they had experienced a pay cut. These statistics don't even account for the countless individuals that are working one or more part-time jobs just to make up for lost income or to just make the extra income needed to cover their monthly expenses. With these statistics in mind Esprit Group, LLC provides live targeted training courses for all types of people interested in creating a new income source or learning a new skill. These training courses are designed to shorten the learning curb and get you prepared to start earning a full or part-time income immediately. If you're unemployed or under employed our training courses will help you develop the confidence that you need to create that Plan A or Plan B income that you will have control over. Our training courses will teach you exactly what you need to know so that you break the get a job cycle and learn the create a job cycle. The bottom line is this you can learn a skill that allows you control over your time and income or you can continue you do what you already know is going to make you miserable. The process is simple review the course offerings; select the one that appeals to your interest; signup; pay the tuition and attend the class. A certificate of completion is issued for each course attended; some courses require that the attendee passed an online certification.

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