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In every state, notaries take an oath of office when submitting their application swearing that they know, understand, and will uphold the statutory laws governing the powers and obligations of the office. Notary laws are consistently reviewed and changed by individual states. Not knowing or performing ones duties incorrectly can open a notary up to a world of liability exposure. Therefore it is vital that you stay informed of the latest statutory changes, procedures and guidelines to eliminate unnecessary liability exposure. Keeping your notary knowledge and skills up to date with Continuing Notary Education can go a long way to achieving the above mentioned objectives and avoiding those steaming hot piles of trouble! 

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​These Continuing Notary Education trainings will help you to understand document types, language and the various notarial acts available can provide you with an advantage over other notaries. These advantages can lead to more notary engagements, higher fees and client referrals.
Esprit Group conducts classroom Continuing Notary Education that will enhance your notary knowledge and skills that keep you updated on processes, procedures and guidelines.

The most common violation of notary law is the unauthorized practice of law; from notaries advising clients on matters of a legal nature, completing documents for clients, adding notarial certificates to documents absent client direction, notarizing photo copies without a proper notarial certificate wording, notarizing ink-stamped and photo copy signatures, failure to properly screen elderly signers, interference from family members and unrelated third parties. Continuing Notary Education teaches a notary document recognition, proper components and elements necessary for a proper notarization, reading and understanding your notary certificates and document review to ensure that a document can be notarized. 

Numerous studies have proven that actual hands on learning is the best way to retain information. So in keeping with what has been proven over time to be true; Esprit Group educates notaries using a hands on process of document language recognition that visually trains the notary what the document should look like, the proper process and procedure to use when performing certain notarial acts.

Notarial Certificate Recognition, the proper components for a proper notarization (Reading and Understanding your Notarial Certificate and what to do next). Copy Certifications, Document Authentications, Certificates of Fact (Documents going to US Territories and possessions).

Wills, Trusts and Power of Attorneys, Advanced Health and Medical directives.​


Notarizing for family members.

What it means to be an impartial witness disinterested in the notarial act.

Esprit Group is providing In-Person training classes with limited seating to comply with COVID restrictions and social distancing.

COVID protocols will be enforced with face coverings required if not fully vaccinated. Additional locations will be added as conditions allow.

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