each document for proper notarization. 
Class registration is simple and can be made up to 2 hours prior to the scheduled start time. Review the schedule - select the desired date & time, enter the In-Person Location or Online Class ID in the block provided below the schedule, and click "Add to Cart". From there follow the simple directions to complete the payment and
Registration Form to receive the email confirmation and training class material for your session.
Walk-In Registration: Choose a location from the schedule; complete a 
Walk-In Registration Form and click submit. Email confirmation and training class material will be sent directly to you.
Private LIVE Interactive Online Training: Setup a training that works best with your group or individual employee schedules. To setup a Live Online Notary Training send an email request to 
sburks@espritgrp.com with your available dates and times to get your training setup.
In-Person Corporate and Group Trainings: To setup a corporate or group training send an email to 
sburks@espritgrp.com outlining your needs with a few desired dates and times and we’ll put the event together. 

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Esprit Group, LLC

State Accredited Notary Educator

Esprit Group provides In-Person training classes with limited seating to comply with COVID restrictions and social distancing.

COVID protocols will be enforced with face coverings required as mandated by location guidelines.


​Approved By The Colorado Secretary of State

​RULONA Notary Law 24-21-501 C.R.S.


Colorado Notary Public Law requires new & renewing notary applicants to take an approved Notary training class and pass the online State exam.
Esprit Group is a State of Colorado Accredited Notary Public Educator, providing mandatory notary training under RULONA Notary Law C.R.S. 24-21-501.  
Choose from In-Person training or LIVE Online interactive training.  Both trainings deliver the comprehensive personal learning experience that is needed to understand the process of being a notary.

You will learn how to properly perform each notarial act using the key words and phrases that are required in